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Techwear: High-tech language in fashion trends



Technology has always been associated with modern life. Electronic deviceshave become indispensable for the majority of people. And in fashion, technology is searching and developing into a trend associated with modernity, for those who prefer convenience and dynamism.

What is Techwear?

Many people really still do not envision the fashion trend Techwear is? Techwear is the interference between high-tech and popular street style inspired by the future with smart clothes, both showing the beauty in fashion at the same time full of features and amenities that everyone needs in a daily outfit.

 Techwear pants style


Where does techwear come from?

If saying techwear is a new fashion trend, it's really not true because they have been around for a long time, appearing through cinema like the Matrix series, people still remember the versatile and handy costumes of the characters. But Urban Techwear's imprint in the fashion field appeared when the first German brand ACRONYM store opened in 1994. This is probably the legendary fashion brand pioneering the Urban Techwear fashion trend at the time.

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What are the highlights of the techwear features?

Some people still mistakenly think Techwear and Athleisure are the same, but actually these are two different fashion trends. Athleisure is a cross between fashion, and gym wears, and Techwear is built on a sportswear platform. All functions are comfortable, dynamic for the wearer, durable, weather-resistant, but the difference that creates an unmistakable personality is in the features given by designers. Get in your clothes. The first is hidden vents, dedicated bags, intelligent structures, detachable, folded to form other items, or simply in the structural disintegration details at the joints to create comfort when moving hands. To do these things, it takes time to study the human body, movement every day with the desire to meet the applicability in mass production.

Techwear clothing style

Techwear is considered as an indispensable fashion trend in the flow of world fashion styles. 'The future leader' brings two main colors: black and gray to help customers not spend too much time in choosing clothes to wear every day, but ensuring full materials and attractive structures. The functions are also extremely convenient for the wearer that is difficult to replace in other costumes. To meet the needs, currently, Techwear has brought a colorful appearance to add more options for customers.

Techwear black style

A common function of the Techwear fashion trend is waterproof. They are completely different from the raincoats you wear. Using a technology invented by the inventor Wilbert L. Gore and his son, called Gore-Tex. This is a fabric material with a surface that prevents liquid objects such as water, shields the human body, but has gaps for water vapor to escape, making the wearer's body keep airy, not causing squash. Overwhelmed to wear.

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Through a lot of testing process, Techwear now brings consumers more new experiences with a line of futuristic designs such as capacity, elasticity, odor, and wear resistance. For a long time, something that not all materials can do. Techwear appears most in four basic types of clothing: outerwear, inner shirt, pants, and accessories.

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