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In this blog post, we would like to discuss the trends, influences, approach and ideologies surrounding Japanese and Asian fashion. Since we live in the West, we would like to shed more light on the Japanese streetwear scene for you as much of Western society is not very aware of this other scene and what it represents.


Influence and Asian streetwear

 Anyone who knows fashion is likely to know that the West is full of trends. They come and go repetitively and are usually hosted by celebrities and influencers.

 This is the case with stars like :

  • Pharrell
  • Kanye West
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Asap Rocky
  • Rihanna
  • Kylie Jenner.
Who have all influenced many trends over the past few years. When it comes to these personalities, you might notice the direct influence they have on the people. They seem to constantly influence new trends.

    Unlike Western influence, Japan and Asia in general do not have this luxury of global influence. In Japan almost all young people know the names of the above mentioned celebrities, while in Europe, Japanese celebrities don't have that much impact.


    Ideologies in streetwear

    Japanese t-shirt streetwear 

    Some might say that streetwear brands in Europe are standardized across the board as there are many brands doing the same and following the trend. 

    Unlike the West, Asian and Japanese streetwear brands tend to differentiate themselves from one brand to another and include clothing with a style that is more or less rooted in their culture. For example, loose pants, long shirts, collared jackets, anime t-shirts etc. have always been present in Asian streetwear clothing.

    Usually in Japanese streetwear, pieces of clothing can come at sky-high prices, and for most brands nothing is really done by them even except the initial concept. That's why at SNOB ASIA, we want to offer you t-shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies ect ... At affordable prices directly influenced by Asia and Japan!

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