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What is streetwear? 5 hottest streetwear trends 2020

Japanese streetwear style

Streetwear has been growing stronger in recent years! So what is streetwear? In this article, let's join Snobasia.com to learn about the term "streetwear", to see what streetwear is, what fashion style it belongs to, why it makes the fashion world so enchanted.


What is Streetwear?

Streetwear means street fashion. To understand this style more specifically, you should separate the words street and wear. So what is "street" and "wear"? Street means street and wear means the way of dress. And streetwear is defined as casual wear, like jeans, loose t-shirts, sneakers.

Streetwear dates back to the 1980s of the 20th century, starting with the special style of the skater, they were often seen walking in groups on the street together, then, style This group-art "skateboarding" fashion was seen more and more on the streets as skateboarding evolved.

 So we can say: Streetwear is a fashion style, rooted in hip hop, post-punk, grunge, and skateboarding culture, with the characteristic of the outfit being a bit of a style, personality, strong and separately, it breaks the rules and frameworks of basic fashion.

 So, for streetwear style, just by looking at it, you can also recognize this style! An example is the hip hop fashion, the underground tunic style, the tearing style, the style of adding accessories (Chains, strings,...) to the set, ... all of them can be called streetwear style.


What is Urban Streetwear?

Urban streetwear is a very popular phrase nowadays. However, many people are still confused and misunderstood the true definition of this fashion trend. Urban streetwear is the street fashion style of a certain city or urban area. Simply put, urban streetwear is like the street culture of a certain city.

Urban streetwear

5 hottest streetwear trends 2020


Hoodie streetwear

It is impossible not to mention the hoodie in the trend of the most popular outfit streetwear 2020. This is an item that is most popular with street youth, especially the hoodie of famous brands such as Off White, Fila, Tommy. Etc. Not only do they bring comfort to the wearer, but these hoodies also make you look much more stylish and cool.

hoodie streetwear


Flannel shirts streetwear

A flannel shirt is a shirt made of wool fabric with a slightly ruffled surface for a more “dusty” look. The shirt style is a unisex fashion that is extremely popular with hip hop and surfers because they are easy to mix and comfortable, spacious, and easy to operate.

flannel shirt streetwear


Chest bag streetwear trend

"Chest bag" was one of the hottest accessories last year because they have a very sophisticated design to help the wearer look more stylish. Sometimes you just need to wear daily clothes, simply wearing the same chest bag is enough "streets"!

Chest bag streetwear style


Denim jacket streetwear

Denim jackets became so popular that it was rare for anyone to not have a jean jacket item in the closet.

Being hunted by fashionistas for his personality, strong, especially easy to mix many styles, from simple t-shirts, ton sub ton with jeans, to other daring mixes such as layers shirts, t-shirts, and jeans.

In addition, denim jackets can be worn anywhere, any circumstances, going out, going to a party, picnic, from summer to winter.

Denim jacket streetwear


Joggers streetwear fashion

There is no denying the influence of jogger pants in the fashion industry. Offering a youthful and dynamic style with flexible materials and combinations, the jogger pants become the trend and the most sought after the item.

You can find a nice pair of jogger pants anywhere, from meals at home, picnics, light parties, or sports training. In recent years, Joggers has become a streetwear fashion icon that can be seen anywhere.

Joggers streetwear trends

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