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What is Street Style?

Japanese streetwear style

Street Style is simply how you show your personality!

What is Street Style?

Street Style is what you or others have "destroyed" to fully express your personality. That's how you interpret the term "trend" in your own way, and this interpretation is often very creative. It is still very trendy and is talked about by anyone in the fashion world, even people outside the fashion world. Street style can be seen in all countries at any time of the year. Some outfits are comfortable, some outfits are freakish. Street Style has made a stir in the fashion world that even the top designers also bring street style to their collections. In other words, street style or street fashion is your creation.

Japanese streetwear suit

Street style is not a specific outfit, but not because of that it includes all different styles. Street style is all about originality in all the things that young people create and express it.

Hip hop outfits with street style origins from the African American urban movement flooded the music industry and were then worn by many famous athletes.

The current main Street Style trends!

Harajuku street style

Japanese harajuku street style

Fashion trends have been around in Japan since the 1970s. At that time, in Harajuku, Japanese teenagers who had just grown up had a tendency to dress strangely. The clothes, shoes, jewelry up to the hair must be fancy, sometimes flashy, rainbow colors... This difference makes Harajuku famous.
In fact, everyone knows Harajuku is a district of Tokyo, located between Shinjuku and Shibuya. In Harajuku, there are many famous places such as the headquarters of NHK TV, Meiji Shrine, and Yoyogi Park - "park of the street artists."Harajuku became famous in the 80s of the last century as street fashion showers and freakishly dressed young people gather here every Sunday when Omotesando gets too big to load and block frequently.
Harajuku is not exactly a style, but a collection of many styles. The most popular are cosplayers (more than just J-rock cosplay - fans of J-rock dressed like the band members they idolize), lolita, punk, decora... These fashion lines also blend. So punk decora, punk lolita, waloli ...

Japanese cosplay culture


Gothic Street style

 Gothic streetwear style

The Gothic trend dates back to the 18th century Europe, where there is a thousand-year-old legend of the lineage of vampires with pale blue skin, crimson lips, enchanting eyes, and dark dresses.

In the 70s of the last century, fashion followers who loved the serene, soft and melodious Gothic Rock were the first to "revive" this trend. They wear smoky gray tones to deep red eyes and lip, wear fluffy dresses like a queen, or a princess, except that they are tinged with deep colors, evoking darkness and realms eternity. But emanating from those colors is the depth of soul, the mystery of magic power, the mysterious power that is so enchanting enough to be explained.

Gothic jacket japanese street style

 Gothic japanese hoodie street style

The gothic style applies in many fields - from show fashion to film. However, it was not until 2012 that bass tones such as black, gray, crimson, dead purple, dark blue... combined with minimalistic designs bearing "ancient" sound on leather, lace, and felt. Velvet, sheer... create a perfect chord between romance and mystery for the Fall-Winter fashion line. Add innovative highlights: high cut lines, flying skirts, sparkling rocks, and feather, never the scary "darkness" has caused so many sexy haunts.


Utility Street style

Urban streetwear bag

The combination of techwear fashion with highly technical fabrics, streetwear and military fashion with durable fabrics has created popularity for the Utility fashion trend recently.

The most distinctive and recognizable feature in this fashion has multiple pockets. In addition, something indispensable in the outfits of Utility fashion style is the cargo pants and the vest jacket worn as the outer layer of the outfit.

Not too complicated and fussy as techwear, just equip a few bunker cargo pants with black or brown tones and combine them with a jacket with sturdy materials that you can pursue style Utility fashion.

Tactical chest bag Utility Street styleJacket Mens streetwear style



Skate Wear Street style

SkateWear is always suitable for warm weather. The coolness and comfort of the skateboard outfits were undeniable. You may not need to know how to skateboard, just equip yourself with items such as large graphic t-shirts, hoodie, khaki loose joggers, and canvas sports shoes with flat sole were able to step out like a cool real skater.

In fact, the trend of skateboarding fashion started to explode two decades earlier, when skateboarding fashion brands such as Dickies, Stussy, Thrasher began to emerge. Recently, when Supreme joined this street sport, the explosion of skateboarding fashion was pushed higher than ever.

One note when following the trend of skateboarding fashion is to choose outfits that are slightly larger than your normal size. Not only does that make the one do skateboarding more comfortable in performing techniques, but it also helps the wearer (mainly those with a slim physique) look fuller and stronger.

To Conclude

Street Style isn't just about streetwear, it's how you express yourself!

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