dress cool with aesthetic Japanese streetwear style
Fashion is the fastest way for you to get an overview of someone. So how do you want others to think about you? If the style you choose is aesthetic cool, then this article is definitely for you. Let SNOB ASIA refer to some hot trend of Japanese streetwear style nowadays.


1. Joggers in japanese streetwear style


Japanese streetwear pants


Streetwear fashion has a huge presence of joggers with a unique design in a loose style, with a dynamic look it will bring a lot of attention. Whether with khaki or denim jean, joggers are still comfortable and no less stylish.

This type of outfit is popular with boys and girls in the unisex trend. The pants are designed with a variety of styles from simplicity to disruptive and some are inspired by the tech wear style that combines between mystery and wildness. The highlight of the pants is the breakthrough between the large pockets designed along the sides of the pants and the ribbon, large buckle. It is easy to understand if you are at the center of every attention on the street.

In addition to the popular black, joggers now have more variety in colors with camouflage fabric that add a unique and youthful.


Japanese streetwear pants


If you want simplicity, comfort, and not too fussy, sporty joggers will be the choice for you.


Japanese streetwear pants



2. Sneakers streetwear style


Japanese streetwear shoes


When it comes to coordinating, we definitely cannot ignore sneakers. Most of the current streetwear fashions love stylist and dynamism. It's simple, handy, and easy to coordinate. Sneakers are designed with a variety of styles suitable for each user's purpose. You can use the sneakers to go to school or hang out… Owning a pair of sporty style sneakers will help you move comfortably, easily but no less dynamic and flexible.

Currently, colorful sneakers are the choice for guys who are cool, adventurous, and very stylish.


Japanese streetwear shoes


In addition. Nowadays some of the sneakers are designed with a thick sole, which adds extra height to its wearer!


Japanese streetwear shoes


Black is a popular color and is chosen by many people because of its simplicity, coolness, and the big advantage of black color it's also can covering up the dirty write. It is really helpful for those who have a daily schedule of moving by walking a lot.

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3. Oversize Shirt/ Hoodie streetwear style

Japanese streetwear shoes


Talked about streetwear style, we have to mention about a hoodie, T-shirt, and shirts in losing style. The shirts are made with:

  • Cool textures
  • Colors
  • Minimalistic cool

It feels so comfortable to wear a big size shirt. That is also the advantage that many people choose for unlimited comfort! As well as participating in the street dance culture.

Especially the big size of shirts is really useful for skinny people. Because it can hide the look of the slim.


Japanese streetwear shirt


Depending on the weather and each season, we can be choosing the appropriate oversize shirt. Shirt, T-shirts and long sleeves would be a good choice for summer and fall days.

An oversized hoodie will be suitable for the winter. You can still combine more t-shirts inside, very convenient



4. Bags streetwear style


Japanese streetwear bag


Streetwear fashion today also has the presence of bags, backpacks. 

In addition to the useful utility that brings the necessary items with us. The japanese streetwear bags also creating an aesthetic style for each person.

Bags made with many different designs and materials from fabric or leathers ... If you prefer the elegant trend, then the bags made of leather will be the best choice for you.
And the fabric bags are the choice of those who love adventure and liberal, giving users unlimited comfort, but also very fashionable.


Japanese streetwear bag



The backpack is designed with many different of the size, from the small, medium until big, with many details and multiple pockets, it will give you a feeling of dynamism and energetic. It is very disruptive.
You will look really stylish with these bags.



5. Masks face streetwear style

Japanese streetwear mask


You may think the mask face is only used for medical purposes, to protect you from inhaling dust. But beyond the use of health protection. Mask face is also considered a popular street fashion item today, it contributes to creating a unique fashion style.

The masks are designed with cool printing and embroidery art which is a unique style,

You will look more mysterious and special with these masks.

Let's add this new item to your streetwear style!



6. Hairstyle style of fashion


We must admit that the hairstyle is one of the most important elements in your fashion style, creating an impression and highlight for you.

A hairstyle suitable for the face will help you to express all the beauty of your face and more attractive to another person.

Depending on the personality style of each person, you can choose a long or short hairstyle that suits you.

Long hair is one of the trending styles for males recently. It 'looks so stylish and fashionable and very seductive as well.



7. Tattoo fashion idea



Talk about the tattoo, we all know it's an art and aesthetics. It's also considered a street fashion trend. It is a factor that makes a difference in each person, owning tattoos on the body will express your personality and shine in your own style.

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Above are a few street fashion suggestions that SNOB ASIA would like to share with you. Hope it will be useful for you!
We want you to shine more in your own fashion style!

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