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Not being knocked out by any new hot trends year after year, the hoodie is always considered a trendy item when any man or woman can coordinate very easily. In particular, with oversized hoodies, it can wear a dynamic and stylish while still maintaining its simplicity. But how to keep the shirt durable and free from ruffles? Here are 3 simple tips to help prevent your hoodie from getting ruffled.

Wash the hoodie by hand

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Usually, with heavy and thick sweaters, we often bring them to dry or steam cleaners so that they are well cared for. However, this will cost you a fair amount of money if you also apply this method with a hoodie. There is a more economical way for you to wash your clothes by hand at home. You can wash clothes by hand to avoid ruffled clothes using the following steps:

Step 1: Turn the collar back and carefully read the instructions on the label attached to the collar to know what kind of fabric the shirt belongs to, the required amount of water, temperature, and detergent, classify the clothes to Do not ruffle the coat during washing because each fabric has its own characteristics. You should divide the shirt by color, type of fabric, and then wash.

Step 2: Pour water into the basin with just enough water to soak your shirts. Please note that it is not advisable to soak clothes that easily fade with other shirts.

Step 3: Dissolve detergent or detergent in the basin, beat well to make soap on the foam.

Step 4: After adding soap to dissolve in water, gently rub clothes to avoid ruffled clothes, need to limit the use of a brush to rub vigorously because it will make clothes fast. Ruffled and old.

Step 5: Rinse clothes with water and then use a fabric softener to soak the clothes. This will soften the garment and fill it with a cool fragrance.

Step 6: Wring out clothes gently and dry in a well-ventilated place to allow them to dry naturally. You should avoid drying in direct sunlight as this will cause the clothes to fade quickly. Note to choose a hook with a width that fits the shirt form to not damage the shirt shape.

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Wash your clothes in a washing machine

With a washing machine, your first sorting steps are exactly the same as hand washing. After the sorting is done, put the clothes in the cage and rinse the water. Depending on the different fabrics, the washing water temperature must also be different. Please pay attention to online information on the washing method of each fabric. Don't forget to use conditioner to soften and stabilize the texture of the fibers. You need to choose the washing machine in slow rotation mode to avoid ruffled clothes. After washing, dry your clothes in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

Hoodie hype style

How to limit ruffled hoodie

Very simply, you only need to use the specialized fabric softener to help the fibers to fold and softer. In fabric softener, there are ingredients that help soften the fabric, stabilize the structure of the fabric damaged by the washing process.

In addition, you should also choose quality shirts to be able to use them longer. Coming to Snobasia, you can be completely assured when we always carefully choose each product material, each type of sewing thread so that the product is always in the best state when it reaches consumers.

Above are 3 tips to help you preserve the oversized hoodie for the longest time! 


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